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George Orwell

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Orwell Videos

Google Video:
George Orwell Summary and 1984 review:
Scenes from 1984 the movie:
                                                    This link will show one of the first scenes in
                                            the movie. It demonstrates well the oppressive
                                            leader of big brother and the brainwashing
                                                   This link is the last scene of the movie, after 
                                            the main character has been caught rebelling
                                            against the system.
Artful Representations of Orwell's work:
                                                     This link is an artful representation of what
                                              two minutes of hat might be like.
                                                     This link demonstrates how an oppressive
                                               regime, such as Oceana's, might come to pass.
                                                      This is an artful representation by a young
                                               man about what life in Oceana might have been
                                               like, amidst the oppressive rule.

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