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George Orwell

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Fiscism and Communism

            George Orwell is most notably known for his political writings, specifically his commentary on fascism and communism. In his books 1984 and Animal Farm Orwell displays his views on these political ideologies. These novels are a commentary on his views about fascist and communist states. This manner of commentary and portrayal has helped found and drive such a literary genre.

            Orwell’s depressing and satirical portrayal of political ideologies helped drive this form of literature during Orwell’s time period. His successful portrayal of communism and fascism, without explicitly naming the ideologies, helped create this form of commentary in 20th century literature. Orwell’s success drove other writers to write in the same manner, detailing their specific ideological leanings and ideological views without explicitly mentioning the name of their ideologies. This form of writing was a relief to readers of the time period who were tired of the usual political propaganda. It offered a new sort of literature which reflected most western views but didn’t use the conventional form.

            Orwell helped influence the mindset of the western population concerning communism and fascism. He helped push forward this form of political commentary in literature, which is his greatest contribution to literature. Orwell helped pave the way for many Cold War writers and novels which employed his writing technique.  

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