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George Orwell


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What did Orwell write about?

           George Orwell may be labeled an activist. The theme of his literature is undoubtedly political activism. From the book Animal Farm to the book 1984, Orwell’s novel’s always make some sort of political statement and try to sway the reader to a certain mindset.

            When one looks at Orwell’s life, one notices that he has been in a myriad of political realms. From living in Imperialist Great Britain to fighting in Socialist/ Communist/ Fascist Spain, Orwell has always seemed to act as a magnet towards the political aspects of these societies. Living through these experiences profoundly affected him, and he wrote his novels to make statements based on these experiences.

            Orwell’s first novel describing the poor in France is a cry against inactive government and a cry for a greater socialist system. This political theme carried throughout all his novels’ and his journalist works. In his two most well known novel’s, 1984 and Animal Farm, Orwell clearly criticizes communism and fascism. He depicts both of these forms of government in an oppressive, corrupt like manner where no one is happy. This depiction abviosly matches his personal political views concerning these forms of government. This theme carries through his all his literary works.

            Orwell was profoundly affected by the political situations affecting his life. This caused him to gear his novels’ in a political fashion, creating an overall political theme. In general, Orwell wrote in the dissent towards fascism and communism and generally supported socialism. His works undoubtedly have a political theme to them.

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