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George Orwell

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Other writers influenced by George Orwell

Atwood and Golding

            George Orwell’s novels influenced a great many people since their conception. When they were published they produced a great wave of dissent, anger, love and general turmoil against specific political regimes. They undoubtedly influenced a great many leaders and the mind of the general public in a new and creative way. Two specific authors who where influenced by these writings were Margaret Atwood and William Golding.

            Margaret Atwood was influenced by Orwell’s strong commentary against totalitarian and communist regimes. She first read Animal Farm at the age of nine, thinking that it detailed evil animals. Eventually she re-read the book and understood its implications which seriously affected her other writings. This is best seen in her novel The Handmaid’s Tale where she presents a dystopia based on Orwell’s 1984. Her later works which commented on government and society all have references and similarities to Orwell’s writings.

            William Golding, nobel prize winner of Lord of the Flies was also influenced by Orwell’s works. Although the connection is less direct, there are similarities in the way Golding and Orwell wrote and their writing topics coincide perfectly. There are multiple elements of Orwell strewn throughout Golding’s work and help to shape his novels.

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